Spread the Message

You are the Best Spokesperson

The conservation message is an important one. Have conversations with people you know.

Start with yourself and examine your lifestyle. Lead by example. Have a meatless day. Avoid unsustainable food taken from the land and sea. Take public transit, ride your bike, carpool. Use less. Recycle. Make this your mantra.

Share the Wonders of Nature

Nature is all around us — in pictures, in art and literature, outside those doors.

We value nature by just knowing it’s there. Share photos, drawings and stories of all the wild things in the world.

We value nature by experiencing it. Encourage friends and family to get out there!

Start a Fundraiser 

Pool together people in your life that support your interests. Let them know that species and their habitats matter and they can join you in making a difference with GWC.

Thank you for being a spokesperson for species.

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2014 Annual Report