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Right now, it is believed that 10 million species inhabit the remaining natural habitats of the world. Everyday, patches of these places are lost along with countless species, but humans still thrive and use nature as if it were an inexhaustible resource. It has become clear we are losing irreplaceable species and habitats, ones we really love and depend on for survival. Now, a growing number of us have decided to act and support the frontlines of conservation all over the world; if only we were all a part of halting extinction one species and wild place at a time. Please join us today.

  • Individual Donors

    Power in numbers holds true, especially for our planet. Let’s use this power for good. A donation or pledge today will fuel conservation successes for endangered species immediately. Join us and stay updated on the latest in conservation with GWC.

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  • Major Donors

    GWC is unique. We are a streamlined group based in Austin, Texas bringing the last needed resources to our partners in the field to protect species and their habitats forever. Read about GWC’s  latest successes, partnerships and overall impact.

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  • Corporate Sponsors

    Our donors enable GWC to provide meaningful support to our partners to achieve their vision for their environment and communities. GWC works with business partners to align their giving back with tangible conservation projects and results.

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Beyond financial contributions, anyone can help spread the conservation message worldwide. Thank you for being a spokesperson for species.